Kalahari Desert Salt, Fine, 1lb

1. Kalahari Desert Salt

Kalahari Desert salt is harvested in an area that has never been inhabited or used for industry. In the pristine Kalahari Desert of South Africa, three underground streams converge on a layer of pure salt deposits untouched by man. The pure water dissolves the salt and creates a brine solution that is then gently dried. What remains are the pure, mineral rich crystals of Kalahari Desert salt.

2. The Sunfood Difference™

Kalahari Desert salt is completely pure, unlike common table salt (a highly refined industrial byproduct otherwise known as sodium chloride). You will undoubtedly notice that Kalahari Desert salt tastes far better than other salts. It has even won many flavor awards, including the Superior Taste Award at the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.

3. Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, Earth Kosher

Bottom Line: This is a Healthy Salt that is NOT associated with many of the negative health side effects common table salt contributes to. YOU can enjoy this salt in moderation healthfully and happily.