Stur – Pomegranate Cranberry (5pck) – ALL-NATURAL Stevia Water Enhancer ……makes 100 8oz. servings – drink…

1. Spice Your Water Up With Delicious And Nutritious Flavors

This Stur 5-Pack contains 5 bottles of purely Pomegranate Cranberry – a mouthwatering and naturally sweetened blend of sweet pomegranates and tart cranberries! It just tastes natural, not chemical or processed.

2. Save Money With 100 8 Oz Drinks

Each 1.4oz bottle of Stur contains 20 servings and is designed to be PORTABLE and used on-the-go.

3. 100% All-Natural And Non-Gmo

We add 5 simple ingredients to water: Natural Flavor, Natural Stevia Extract, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, and Vegetable Juice.

Bottom Line: : Our Natural fruit flavors are derived from real fruit. Our Natural stevia leaf extract is steeped using gently heated water – we do not use methanol. WTFU® approved!