Wild Caught Seafood

1. Wild Caught Salmon

Rich in flavor, high in Omega 3’s, and an unequaled source of vitamin D, this Wild Caught Salmon lives naturally in Alaskan waters. It is not farm raised, and therefore, is free of antibiotics, and artificial coloring agents or dyes that you quite frequently see at the traditional grocery stores.

2. Wild Alaskan Halibut

Certified sustainable Wild Alaskan Halibut is light and lean, with a wonderful fresh flavor and delicate texture. Sourced from only the smallest, purest Halibut available, this versatile fish is sure to please.

3. Wild-Caught Raw Shrimp

Our original wild-caught raw shrimp are a staple in kitchens all over the country. *Due to the worldwide shrimp shortage, we are now sourcing wild-caught chemical free brown shrimp.* White shrimp are near impossible to source. We have taste-tested the new brown shrimp in our kitchen, and could not honestly tell a difference between the two. The wild-caught brown shrimp have excellent flavor, and are the same plump sizes as our white shrimp.

Bottom Line: Sustainably harvested, chemical free, wild caught shrimp are ready for your favorite shrimp recipe. This is a wonderful product that is hand sorted and flash frozen rapidly after harvest. This rush to the flash freezer separates this product from many others. The shrimp are harvested from the Pacific Ocean and are processed in the United States.