Grassland Steaks

1. 100% Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed cattle are fed a 100% grass diet their entire life. They are never given any antibiotics or hormones, receive humane treatment and are never raised in a feedlot. Organic grass fed beef is much healthier and leaner than corn fed beef, and contain higher levels of Omega-3, CLA, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene, making it an excellent healthy choice of protein.

2. The US Wellness Meats Difference

Many people ask themselves, “how can I buy the best grass fed beef online?” Organic food markets like Whole Foods sometimes carry it, but the supply and availability can be inconsistent. Because of this, many people shop online looking for the best price on grass fed beef tenderloin. Well, when it comes to buying grass fed filet beef, we think ours strikes the perfect balance of a great price for the best quality grass fed meats you’ll find.

3. 100% organic all grass fed beef, no antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids

Unlike typical beef, 100% grass fed beef is packed with nearly as much essential fatty acids (the healthy fat burning fat your body needs) as most healthy fish. Many also find, this high quality beef does NOT increase their cholesterol to dangerous levels like Big Food Industry beef does.

Bottom Line: If you want to add red meat in the form of beef to your nutrition plan, YOU must choose ONLY 100% Grass Fed Beef. There is no substitute for optimal health!