Grassland Poultry

1. Chicken

Our chicken is free range and raised hormone and antibiotic free from birth and now on a non-gmo feed ration, this ground dark meat is sure to please. This is a great and versatile product that has long been requested for the U.S. Wellness store.

2. The Chicken Sausages

After one bite of the Chicken Sausage links with a twist of cooked apple, you will be hooked! After numerous requests and much R&D, we think you will agree with our staff’s enthusiasm for this product that makes the perfect breakfast treat. All of the chicken sausages are now in improved, cryovac packaging!

3. Cajun Turkey Jerky Sticks

This product is for our customers who wanted an extra flavor kick! Cajun Turkey Jerky Sticks are now here and spicier than our other turkey jerky varieties. These turkey jerky sticks are free of antibiotics, added hormones, sodium nitrite, nitrates, gluten, MSG, pork, corn, soy, artificial colors or preservatives. Each package contains 10-12 uniform sticks- perfect for snacking!
Bottom Line: Our free-range birds are moved to fresh pasture every 24 hours to ensure that the majority of their diet is grass, clover, insects and worms.