Tube Band Sets #3 (women)

1. Product Description

Body Bands Reinforced Carabiner Resistance Tubing Set #3C Includes: 5 Tube bands (Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, & Black), upgraded handles, padded ankle strap, & large door anchor, & storage bag. Body Bands Advanced Set #7C of Resistance Tubing Bands. Includes: 7 Tube Bands (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, and Purple), 2 sets of handles, 1 sets of padded ankle straps & 1 door anchor, storage bag, and Instructional Manual. Go from 2 to over 150 pounds of total resistance!

2. Body Bands are great for:

 • Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

• Business travelers or anyone on the go

• Athletes through any fitness level

• A Simple, Fast, and Effective Workout

• Wake the Fork UP® Warriors

3. Why Body-Bands?

Why Body-Bands? Body-Bands offers you great high quality products at very competitive prices. Including a 60-Day Money Back Guaranty and a Lifetime Normal Use Warranty!

Bottom Line:

Resistance Band training requires coordination and balance so you end up using more of your core muscle groups to stabilize your body. Resistance Band training gives you more variety because the workout bands can create resistance in all directions, strengthening under used muscle groups.