1. Pro-X10™

Promote Bowel Regularity, Reduce GI Inflammation, And Support Intestinal Health—All While Accelerating Your Fat Loss With This Little-Known, Simple Trick

2. Advanced Probiotic and GI Health Formula

 • Supports Reduced Bowel Inflammation & Leaky Gut
 • Promotes Bowel Regularity & Immune Health
 • Supports Repair of Gluten-Damaged Intestinal Lining

3. 100% Natural – Nothing Else

§ Pro-X10 has recently been innovated, and no longer contains Actazin, Lactobacillus salivarius, Bacillus subtilis, or Saccharomyces boulardii. Pro-X10 now contains 5 strains of healthy bacteria, and PreferPro®, a trademarked prebiotic.

§ DE111™: A spore-forming healthy bacterium that is both heat- and acid-resistant. It promotes a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, enhances digestion and absorption and supports a robust immune system.

§ PreferPro®: A branded, trademarked, and research-backed non-fiber prebiotic. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, but unlike the majority of probiotics, PreferPro® promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in as little as 5 hours, functions in both the small and large intestines, and does not cause flatulence or digestive discomfort.

Bottom Line: : Pro-X10™ delivers up to TEN TIMES more healthy bacteria to your gut (50 BILLION cells daily) when compared to traditional probiotic products where the overwhelming majority of the cells are DEAD and useless before ever reaching their final destination.