SweetLeaf Hazelnut Liquid Stevia, 2 Ounce Bottle

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1. Pure Organic Stevia

This stevia is all natural and tastes great. Made with organic stevia extract leafs, natural flavors and purified water makes it ideal.

2. No Blood Sugar Impact

Remember, this sweetener has been found to have zero impact on the glycemic index scale, meaning it does not impact our blood sugar levels.

3. Perfect for our Intellectual Eating Window™

This is an ideal sweetener to add to our morning coffee and tea as it does not disrupt our Intellectual Eating Window™.

Bottom Line: Drop the chemical based creamers and sweeteners in your morning coffee and tea and start your day out right with all natural stevia. Remember, popular brands like Truvia and Pure Via are NOT all natural stevia. Sweet Leaf is WTFU® approved, tastes great as is good for YOU!

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