Fat-Fader Extreme Energizing Body Slimming Lotion

1. Fat-Fader Extreme Energizing Body Slimming Lotion

According to many clinical studies (including from the National Center for Biotechnology Information) high quality Aminophylline in the right percentage is one of the key determinants in turning on your fat burning furnace in the applied areas. It does this by literally inhibiting your A2 Receptors, allowing for more fat burning metabolism to occur in the precise areas YOU want and need to burn fat.

2. New More Potent Formula For Those Seeking Extreme Results

Fat Fader Extreme takes all the great ingredients from the Original formula and adds some additional ingredients that have helped to stimulate one’s cells to help enhance with fat metabolism.

3. More Reasons to Love Fat Fader Extreme

Easy to use, 16 oz pump. With Aminophylline, Vitamin C, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Forskolin and Yohimbe Bark Extract… This is one of the richest Fat-Burning proprietary blends on the market available today. WTFU® Warriors use it every day.

Bottom Line: Fat Fader Extreme has all the great benefits of Fat Fader plus a few other healthy ingredients. This is to only be used in the morning however, because of the stimulants added. Take this in the morning and regular Fat Fader at night for the very best results.