Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball

1. Great for Strength, Flexibility and Balance

Tool for building strength, balance and flexibility in the core, upper body and lower body

2. Features include

  • • Slow Deflate Advantage™
  • • Superior comfort without excessive softness
  • • Includes two plugs, an inflation adapter, and a measuring tape to help insure proper inflation
  • • Includes Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises
  • • Available in 4 sizes for a custom fit

3. Can Substitute the Need for a Bench with Many Movements

Stability balls are only to be used for body weight exercises. In order to insure that all users are aware of this restriction, as well as other precautions

Bottom Line: : Stability Ball are a great addition to any workout program. Anti Burst is the only way to go.