Magic Speed Jump Rope

1. Magic Speed Jump Rope

The inexpensive Magic Speed Jump Rope is designed for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces.

2. Magic Speed Jump Rope Features

  • Patented swivel bearing system.
  • 9’6″ adjustable, licorice-style jump rope.
  • Eyelet device allows for fast and smooth turning action and easy rope adjustment.
  • 8″ foam padded handles comfortably fit both children and adults.

3. Product Description

Extremely smooth. Supremely balanced. Excellent grip. Our newest and most innovative rope with a patented ball bearing design. Made specifically for CrossFit athletes who want the best for speed and double-unders. The rubber handle grips keep hands comfortable and provides a sure grip. A favorite of fitness centers and fitness retailers. Patented ball bearing system.

Bottom Line: : This Jump rope is durable, adjustable and fast! Wake the Fork UP® Approved!