Smart Sweet Real Birch Xylitol 1.5lbs

1. Smart Sweet Real Birch Xylitol 1.5lbs

This great tasting all natural sweetener is much better for us than most other sweet additives as it has no significant impact on our blood sugar levels.

2. Ingredients

These granules are GMO free and made from 100% birch. Most “pretenders” in this industry offer theirs from corn. This brand, however, is Wake the Fork Up® approved as we want our insulin levels to stay sensitive and healthy. No insulin resistance for WTFU® Warriors.

3. More Reasons to Love Smart Sweet Xylitol

This product is also allergy free and great tasting. It is very easy on the digestive system as well, making it an ideal substitute for other sweeteners.

Bottom Line: We love Smart Sweet Xylitol at Wake the Fork Up® as it does not disrupt our Seven Super Fat Burning Hormones. It tastes great and allows us to extend our fast and increase autophagy. This maximizes fat loss as described in our programming. Enjoy!