“How a Working Dad Lost 12 Pounds of Fat in 1 Week and 58.6
Pounds in 3 Months Quickly and Easily”

“How an un-apologetic “Self Proclaimed Workaholic”, working Dad in his forties,
from Belleville, Illinois who couldn’t find time for himself, discovered the

“Secret Fat Burning System”

that now allows him to eat all his favorite foods, exercise as little as 9 minutes a day, have more
energy for his family and friends, all while maintaining his 58.6 Pounds of Fat Loss

-Without EVER having to: count another freaking lame calorie, miss another single sports
game or even spend another single day on a stupid treadmill”


Dear Working Men,

Does it drive you crazy that you can’t seem to get in great shape anymore, just because you chose to provide a better life for you family?

Have you ever wondered why some other working guys are still able to have great energy, stay lean and fit, and look great with their shirts off no matter what they seem to eat at the friends and family bbq’s?

Have you ever dreamed of being in complete control of your fitness level for once, making your own damn rules and telling those younger guys in the gym with fewer responsibilities and more time to step back and take note?

If so…

Then guys, I hope you read every word of this letter because the secret contained inside could change your life forever.


My name is Eric and I LOVE drinking beer and eating my favorite foods. There, I said it!

In fact, I eat a MASSIVE AMOUNT of the “forbidden calories” and I still look and feel invincible.

Unfortunately life wasn’t always this awesome for me…

In fact, it was a NIGHTMARE!

“How I Went From A No Energy, Overweight, Overstressed,
Workaholic Dad With A Waistline of 40 Inches To a Perfect Waist
Size of 32 While Shock and Awing My Coworkers, Friends and
Family in Less Than 3 Months”

Over twenty two years ago, when I first decided to start a family, life was full of hope and opportunity. My body was young and ripped, lean and mean.

Admittedly, I put a few pounds on during my wife’s pregnancy, but hey, what man doesn’t add a few pounds while his wife is craving foods left and right?

When my son arrived, nothing could have prepared me for all the love and overwhelming joy I instantly experienced in my life.

Even through the sleepless nights, nothing made me happier than being the father to this new baby boy.

Days turned into months, and months into years, and before I knew it, my weight was nearly 70 pounds heavier than it was when I first had the little guy.

Where had the years gone by …. Even worse, this new weight gain seemed to be all FAT!

Sure I tried many of the “popular-one-size-fits-all” mass marketed routines… you know, the “insane” workouts that were going to have my biceps busting out of my sleeves and the chest that was going to pop out of my shirt in no time at all.

I also tried every crazy low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie diet my wife and her friends would suggest I try and even lost a few pounds on these programs.

But no matter how much success I thought I was getting in the beginning, I somehow, always ended up where I had started. Over weight, tired and overstressed. NOTHING seemed to work like it used to for me, no matter how hard I tried.

By now, I had two awesome children, my son and a beautiful daughter, Amber and believe me, NOTHING has given me more satisfaction and shear happiness in life than being a father.


As previously stated, months turned into years and before I knew it, I had become a bit of a beer belly toting slug. Even worse, I had been carrying around this extra fat for nearly a decade or longer.

I also craved foods like a raging sugar starved lunatic at times, and ate some really atrocious, gnarly foods with my friends, family and coworkers. I would even often times “sneak” some extra fast food on my drive home from work.

It started to effect everything in my life from being an efficient supervisor at work to helping my wife around the house and even spending more time with my kids with vigor and energy.

Heck, there were many nights, I would simply pass out on the couch watching tv, hours before bedtime. It was embarrassing at times, to say the least.

I had considered alternative ways to get back into shape with popular touted “surgeries” for such extreme measures, but thankfully always talked myself out of this….. after all, I wasn’t in that bad of shape really ….. OR was I?

Well, I am a musician, and in my “hey day”, I had cut several cd’s with my band and even opened up for Great White.

But as the years went by, I had lost my “time” for music and was no longer a part of a band.

Then one night my friends asked me to do Karaoke with them, and although I was never the lead singer in our bands, it turns out I didn’t suck at Karaoke.

In fact I was pretty good at it and I really had fun!

So the next Monday, my friends sent me some pictures of the infamous Karaoke excursion, and what I saw really shocked me… Who was this Fat Guy in the Pictures up there singing this Karaoke?

Is this really what I look like? I instantly went into a state of depression. What in thee hell had happened to me?

“I Refused to Accept this Existence Any Longer… Now I Have a
Perfect 32 Inch Waist and Superhuman Energy… Hey Man, I Look
and Feel 10 Years Younger Too!”

I was actually just about to get another one of those “insane workout” dvd sets and start depriving myself of my favorite foods when a friend of mine told me about this great new program he had been using.

My initial gut reaction was, come on now. But when I met the guy for a beer that next Friday after work, he looked fit and ripped… I mean lean and mean! I’m talking better than I can remember him looking twenty years ago.

You need to know, like me, he is in his forties, works a lot, and has children. Yet, when he walked into the bar, I actually didn’t recognize him, until he slapped me on the back.

What happened next was the beginning of something totally awesome for me.

What this working family man was doing was “working” for him big time… even better, he said it was quick and easy and he even lost 8 pounds in the first week alone.

Wait til you see what happened to me, when I decided to take a chance on the secret fat burning system.

“Here is EXACTLY What I Did to Fire Up My Fat Burning Furnace
and Make Weight Loss Fast and Easy!”

My friend said, “You need to know what this guy named Gary from Chicago has been teaching me.” So I listened and picked up Gary’s program.

This guy is a Kinesiologist with over 25 years of hands on experience, training the wealthy elite for literally $5000 a month per each individual.

He is literally one of the top ten leading fat burning gurus in the country!

What he shared with me and my friend will <>blow your mind.

The reason why is because his system is so <>easy and the results are <>super fast.

Even cooler, he was no longer only sharing his secrets with the elite wealthy… he was now practically giving away his secrets as he is on a quest to transform 1 MILLION bodies in the next ten years.

Convinced it was my time to give his system a try, I immediately shot over to his website and got started on his system.

You need to know that I am pretty skeptical with most weight loss programs at this point in the game, man. But when I saw all the research he had put into this system, I knew things were gonna be good to go.

Even more so, when I saw his success journey stories… true testimonials of real people, I knew if they could do it, I damn sure could do it!

After all, Gary was still continuing to “give away” his Total Body Transformation System for a very limited time and I was determined NOT to miss out on this great opportunity.

I knew, for some reason, that this time, things would be different for me … and man were they ever.

“Here’s Cold Hard PROOF That My Little Secret Fat Burning
System Helped Me Burn 58.6 Pounds of Fat in Record Time and
Why It Can Do The Same For YOU!”

You see, what happened next was nothing short of amazing for me.

Within the first week, I lost 12 pounds. You read that correctly, 12 pounds disappeared off me the first week alone. It actually still blows my mind!

My coworkers, friends and family were like, “wow, what have you been doing?”

My mental clarity became super focused and my energy literally sky rocketed.

And this is what happened only after the first week!

By the end of the 3 month program, I was down nearly 40 pounds. As I said, I like to drink beer, lol.

Wait til you see what happened next, however… it may just blow your mind…

Because the program is so easy to do and maintain, I actually continue to use it as a total lifestyle now, and as a result… I am down 58.6 pounds!

Seriously, me, the over worked, often times under appreciated, over stressed family guy lost 58.6 pounds of fat off my body.

For the first time, since I was in my twenties, I was in a size 32 waist pants.

For the first time in over 20 years, I was looking and feeling like my old high school, lean and mean “Rockstar” self.

Take a look at my photos, as they seriously do not lie…


If I Can Do It, So Can YOU…

The reason why is because I am about to share the Secrets to My Success…

“15 Ways The “Secret Fat Burning System” Changed Me From
Being an Overweight, Overstressed, Working Family Man to an
Awesome Specimen of a Family Man with a Flat Stomach and the
Energy of a Teenager.”

Here are just a few of the benefits of my secret formula… well, actually it is Gary’s secret formula, so I think I will let him talk from here…

Take it away Gary,

Rock on guys,


Thanks Eric for sharing YOUR Amazing Success Journey… I am truly proud to be YOUR Fat Burning Guru, Coach and Mentor and hey, if you would like to get similar results as Eric, I would be honored to help YOU, the reader at home, as well.

As Eric has stated, Here are just a few of the benefits of MY Secret Formula…. YOUR “WAKE THE FORK UP®” Total Body Transformation System…

Now, some of these words may look Big and Important, but what YOU need to know is that my Quick and Easy Program is Simple to Follow and Burns Fat Fast… I mean SUPER FAST!

This is because I utilize a patented system that is a perfect blend of the best training and delicious eating that Sparks and Ignites YOUR Seven Super Fat Burning Hormones!

Once we do this, your body simply melts the fat away, tones up and gets you feeling ten years younger.

This all happens because of many complicated scientific biomechanics that your body must experience.

These scientific processes come with big words and terminology that quite frankly is of little concern for you to understand… that is MY JOB.

So Do Not Let The Big Words Confuse You…. The System Is SIMPLE

The MAGIC that produces the Results are Big and Important and here is WHY…YOUR WAKE THE FORK UP® Total Body Transformation System gives YOU these amazing Benefits:

  • Increases both insulin and leptin sensitivity, so YOU decrease your chances of many debilitating diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and some forms of cancers by nearly 60% in some cases.
  • Maximizes insulin and leptin sensitivity in as little as one to three weeks, so YOU can allow your body to burn extra fat and stop the food cravings.
  • Increases natural growth hormone up to 1300% in women and 2000% in men with Strategic Intellectual Eating combined with exercise so YOU can get results that will blow your mind.
  • Eliminates “frankenfoods” (processed foods filled with sugars, estrogen mimicking compounds, and trans fatty acids) so YOU will cleanse your liver and supercharge your hormones.
  • Eating right for your Nutritional Metabolic Type so YOU get the exact nutrients YOUR body needs to succeed. Wait ’til you see that it is also the secret to maintaining the fat loss forever.
  • Understanding once and for all that the food industry is a money-making business will quickly allow you to stop buying into the hype of what’s healthy and what’s not. So this new knowledge makes you Super Smart.
  • Strategic binging (‘super leptin loading’ – treat day) is absolutely essential for your success. But only if you do it correctly. The reason why? It is literally the key to busting through the dreaded plateau so YOU finally lose that last 5-10 pounds of fat.
  • Slash your body fat in half in as little as six weeks with this eating style, combined with Dynamic Integrated Results-based Training™so YOU can put on that swim suit and be the hottest person at the beach!
  • Increasing EPOC has been shown to increase our fat-burning for up to 38 hours after our exercise session is finished, so YOUR body becomes a fat burning machine.
  • 280 seconds of simple yet specific HIIT style training has been shown to produce similar results to six hours of normal cardio, so YOU exercise less and receive more benefit.
  • Metabolic conditioning has been proven to increase results tenfold, so YOU lose the weight faster and feel great sooner.
  • Increases your natural testosterone and growth hormone so YOU can TRIPLE the effects of fat-burning and lean muscle building.
  • Strategic Integration increases muscle activation, Glut 4, IRISIN (a cool new fat-burning hormone just recently discovered by scientists at Harvard), and muscle mitochondria. This takes fat-burning to a whole new level, so YOU look and feel amazing every time you step out the door and head out for the day.
  • Increasing insulin and leptin sensitivity kills cravings while encouraging your body to burn fat as fuel, instead of storing it on your belly, butt, and thighs. So YOU become an office ‘super hero’ avoiding every junk food trap with ease.
  • Dynamic Integrated Results-based Training™ exercise can improve cognitive function and has been linked to the increased expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), so YOU look like a mini-Einstein to your co-workers, friends and family.

“3 Amazing Celebrities Who Have Used “Similar Styles/Systems”
To Lose the Weight and Look & Feel Great”



“Other Awesome Men That Are Getting Great Results On The
Wake the Fork Up® Program With Ease And Enjoyment In
Record Time”

Rick's Story

Rick’s Story

I’m a guy who has tried many programs out there; such as P90X, Insanity and T25 with some level of success. I was blown away by the results I got with the Wake the Fork UP® program! The results were much better and much much Faster. I’m simply amazed!

Rick lost 13 pounds of fat while putting on lean muscle and did all of this in 3 weeks!

Gerold’s Story

Gerold’s Story

While my mind’s eye suggested that I was still a healthy, athletic, fit person… the reality was I had allowed myself to get more than a little out of shape. Nothing made this more apparent than when I looked at the photos of myself after getting back from a much needed vacation with my girlfriend. No wonder my athleticism, mental focus, and overall energy had been lacking… I was fat and really hadn’t admitted it to myself before seeing the pictures. I heard about this program and decided to take action. What a Wake Up Call!

Gerold lost 36 pounds of fat while putting on lean muscles over a 3 month period.

Gary's Story

Gary’s Story

I spent most of my young adult years fat and out of shape… no energy and no confidence. Then I decided to be a leader in this industry and haven’t looked back since. 58 pounds leaner and less than 10% body fat… I am not just the founder, I’m also a client… Isn’t it time for you to Wake the Fork UP®?

The above photos illustrate my age from left to right at AGE 21, 31, 32 and 40 plus!


Now You Get The EXACT Fast and Simple 1-2-3 System That
Gave These Men And Thousands Of Others Their Fit, Strong
& Confident Bodies of Their Youth