Missouri Northern Pecans, Pecan Halves, 6oz, American Native

1. Certified Organic Missouri Northern Pecans

When we discovered these pecans, we just had to offer them to our customers! These unique raw pecans are a native non-hybridized variety – a truly wild food. Plus they’re 100% Certified Organic!

Pecans are naturally rich in the mineral zinc, an essential mineral for enzyme production and reproductive health. Zinc is also used by the body to help the skin achieve a radiant complexion, and in this sense it works well with manganese, vital for the health of our connective tissues and cell oxygenation. These raw pecans contain high levels of manganese as well, making them a true beauty food.

2. The Sunfood Difference™

Grown by a small group of dedicated farmers, some on the same land since 1877, these families are committed to providing the very freshest, most flavorful nuts. According to the growers, many of their pecan trees were never planted intentionally, having germinated naturally in the fertile soil over 300 years ago.

3. Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, CCOF, Raw, Vegan, Earth Kosher

The American Native Pecan is a small, rare pecan that grows wild in the Midwest. The distinctive sweetness and higher oil content of these pecans result in extremely flavorful nutmeats preferred by many. Unlike the large, cloned hybrid varieties that make up the biggest part of industrial pecan production in America, these pecans are unaltered by commercial interests.