1. IC-5™

 • Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management
 • Increases Insulin Sensitivity
 • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar
 • Partitions Carbs to Muscle, Not Fat

2. The BioTRUST Difference

 • A quality, science-backed formula based on peer-reviewed research, containing honest, effective levels of each ingredient
 • A quality product that has been verified as pure and potent through 3rd-party testing
 • A quality product that is manufactured in a certified GMP facility
 • A customer care team that is committed to your success
 • Additional coaching from trained experts in our online weight-loss community to ensure your success

3. IC-5 in helping to control blood sugar levels

 • Mimicking the actions of insulin directly;
 • Increasing carbohydrate uptake in liver and muscle cells, not fat;
 • Increasing expression of insulin receptors;
 • Helping regenerate the functionality of insulin secreting cells;
 • Reducing sugar absorption by the body;
 • Decreasing fasting blood sugar levels;
 • Decreasing fasting insulin levels;
 • Decreasing insulin resistance

Bottom Line: : IC-5 is an all-natural, stimulant-free formula that is completely safe for daily use. You may safely and confidently take IC-5 as long as needed to achieve your goal weight and to maintain your weight and healthy blood sugar levels thereafter.