BCAA Matrix™

1. BCAA Matrix™

 • Premium Muscle-Sparing Amino Acid Blend
 • Supports Muscle Retention While Dieting
 • 70% L-Leucine to Support Maximum Results
 • 3x Transport System™ for Unmatched Absorption

2. The BioTRUST Difference

 • A quality, science-backed formula based on peer-reviewed research, containing honest, effective levels of each ingredient
 • A quality product that has been verified as pure and potent through 3rd-party testing
 • A quality product that is manufactured in a certified GMP facility
 • A customer care team that is committed to your success
 • Additional coaching from trained experts in our online weight-loss community to ensure your success

3. BioTrust BCAA Matrix™ the most potent

While competing BCAA products inefficiently overload a single transport system, BCAA Matrix takes advantage of three, distinct transport systems. This means unparalleled effectiveness, efficiency and deliverability of your BCAA. (In fact, you can use 1/3rd as much and get even better results compared to other brands.)

Moreover, BCAA Matrix contains TWICE as much Leucine as other BCAA supplements. Research has shown that Leucine’s muscle-sparing effects are the most prominent of the three BCAAs, and higher doses of Leucine are proven to specifically target belly fat.

Bottom Line: : BCAA Matrix is an all-natural formula that is considered safe and extremely effective for nearly everyone.