Fat-Fader Body Toning Lotion

1. Aminophylline clinically Proven to Reduce Fat in applied Areas

According to many clinical studies (including from the National Center for Biotechnology Information) high quality Aminophylline in the right percentage is one of the key determinants in turning on your fat burning furnace in the applied areas. It does this by literally inhibiting your A2 Receptors, allowing for more fat burning metabolism to occur in the precise areas YOU want and need to burn fat.

2. The Precise Fat Burning Formula

Let’s face it, most products out there just don’t work. Why? Simple, they do not have our formula with high quality ingredients in the precise percentages to maximize fat burn where YOU want it. Unlike 99% of other products, Fat Fader actually has the necessary high quality formula that produces real results. Quality is KEY!

3. FAT-FADER’s Parabens FREE Formula

Remember, as YOU lose the fat rapidly and effectively, you will need an effective cream that is addressing the tightness and firmness of your skin. Fat Fader’s proprietary blend of special ingredients does this for you.

Bottom Line: Fat Fader is only 1 of 3 products on the market today that I have personally used myself, and with our clients that actually does what it promises. Of the 3, it is the ONLY one that does not irritate the skin. This is a game changer!