Fat-fader Body Slimming Lotion

1. Fat-fader Body Slimming Lotion

Fat-fader Body Slimming Lotion W Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg Combo Pack – 45% Chlorogenic Acid

2. New More Potent Formula For Those Seeking Extreme Results

FAT-FADER attacks the fat and cellulite just below the skins surface to aid in the appearance of healthier, tighter and leaner looking skin. Green Coffee Bean Extract w Chlorogenic Acid (Svetol)-800 MG Per Serving Helps Support Metabolism Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Helps Control Appetite Rich in Chlorogenic Acid Recently, coffee has been getting a reputation as a diet-friendly beverage.

3. More Reasons to Love Fat Fader Extreme

• Rapid Wightloss
• Eliminate Fat
• Non Jittery Energy
• Green Coffee Bean Extract

Bottom Line: Fat Fader Extreme has all the great benefits of Fat Fader plus a few other healthy ingredients. This is to only be used in the morning however, because of the stimulants added. Take this in the morning and regular Fat Fader at night for the very best results.