1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells (also called Russian Kettlebells) are great functional training tools. Kettlebell training is about muscle integration, not muscle isolation.

2. Features

  • Available in 18 different weights.
  • Portable! Kettlebells are heavy but compact.
  • Cast iron with a rubber, non-skid bottom.

3. Benefits/Uses:

  • Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
  • Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles.
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility.
  • Off-centered weight of kettlebells increases the demand placed on core stabilization, agility, and proprioception.
  • Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

Bottom Line: Kettlebell Workouts to build muscle and get lean fast. Wake the Fork UP® approved!