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Geri's Story

Geri’s Story

As a working mother of two, I thought I would never lose the weight after having children. Then along came Wake the Fork UP®… and the weight loss finally came as well. In fact, I lost 61.2 pounds in record time. I look and feel amazing, and all my friends have taken notice. Thank you Gary! *Results may vary

The Begg's Family Story

The Beggs’ Family Story

With two working parents and a busy kid at home, often times it feels as if there just isn’t enough time in a day to take care of ourselves. Not surprising, we all were feeling overweight and out of shape. Then my husband, Scott, heard about Wake the Fork UP® and asked me what I thought? Reluctantly I said I would try it, although I had already failed on many of the other popular diet programs. Even better, our son was on board as well. Together we lost over 50 pounds in less than 12 weeks! *Results may vary

Rick's Story

Rick’s Story

I’m a guy who has tried many programs out there; such as P90X, Insanity and T25 with some level of success. I was blown away by the results I got with the Wake the Fork UP® program! The results were much better and much much Faster. I’m simply amazed! *Results may vary

Pamela's Story

Pamela’s Story

I have always exercised and thought I was eating right. But I just couldn’t seem to lose that last 10 pounds. Then I accepted Gary’s challenge and wow, I burned 11 pounds of body fat in 6 weeks. My boyfriend is one happy man as I look and feel sexier than ever. Thanks Gary *Results may vary

Nate’s Story

Nate’s Story

Hey, I don’t want to lie, I like to eat junk food… after all, I am a teenager. But once Gary taught me that I have an Intellectual Eating Window, I realized that I could still enjoy most of my favorite foods all while losing 17 pounds in record time. I look and feel better than ever. Thanks Gary! *Results may vary

Kelly’s Story

Kelly’s Story

As the mom of the house and a full time teacher, it seems as if I am always taking care of others. So getting my husband and son on board was exciting for me. We worked together as a team and I even got my husband to do more cooking. 17 pounds down and I look and feel great. Wake the Fork Up® made a huge impact on our lives! *Results may vary

Gerold’s Story

Gerold’s Story

While my mind’s eye suggested that I was still a healthy, athletic, fit person… the reality was I had allowed myself to get more than a little out of shape. Nothing made this more apparent than when I looked at the photos of myself after getting back from a much needed vacation with my girlfriend. No wonder my athleticism, mental focus, and overall energy had been lacking… I was fat and really hadn’t admitted it to myself before seeing the pictures. I heard about this program and decided to take action. What a Wake Up Call! *Results may vary

Theresa's Story

Theresa’s Story

Being a grandmother is something I had always looked forward to. Keeping up with the grand kids required some fine tuning. 26 pounds lighter, Gary got me feeling 30 again … Just Incredible! *Results may vary

Scott's Story

Scott’s Story

At the end of my work day, my body ached and I was exhausted. No energy and no extra quality time to give to my family as I was falling asleep on the couch by 8:30 almost every night. Boy have things changed for the better… I have lost 31 pounds of fat off my body. This program works! *Results may vary

Eric’s Story

Eric’s Story

This all started when I was out with my friends and somehow got talked into singing Karaoke. I gotta tell you, I had an absolute blast and it turns out that I’m not terrible at it. Well after a week or so I got a text from a friend who had taken a picture of me singing that night. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Who was this person? Where did I go? It was then that I realized it was time for a change. I was going to get “Me” back. That’s when I found out about Wake The Fork Up®. I started the program and I have never looked back. I lost 58.6 pounds and got a renewed sense on life. Loosing weight and feeling great has never been this easy. Thanks Gary, for helping get “Me” back. *Results may vary

Cindy’s Story

Cindy’s Story

I have never been a heavy person, but as I got older the pounds kept adding up no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised. It wasn’t until I discovered Wake the Fork Up® that I realized I was doing it all wrong. Twelve weeks later and I feel amazing. I have more energy and going to the gym does not intimidate me anymore. Thanks Gary for getting me down to the weight I was when I was 21. *Results may vary

Gary's Story

Gary’s Story

I spent most of my young adult years fat and out of shape… no energy and no confidence. Then I decided to be a leader in this industry and haven’t looked back since. 58 pounds leaner and less than 10% body fat… I am not just the founder, I’m also a client… Isn’t it time for you to Wake the Fork UP®? *Results may vary

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